Ask Questions

Where are the current locations?

The NBA Basketball School have two locations in Dubai.  Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park and GEMS Dubai American Academy.

Can you tell me more about your coaches?

Each NBA School practice is directed by our Official NBA Staff. We take great pride in providing a positive environment that teaches the detailed fundamentals of the game. You can read more about our leadership and staff. Read more about our leadership and staff.

What is the frequency and duration of sessions?

Our training sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long, the frequency of the training depends on your child’s skill level.

Who can be a member of the NBA Basketball School and how can I sign up for a taster/trial session?

NBA Basketball School is for boys and girls from 7 – 19 years old.  Our curriculum caters to all abilities from beginners to elite.  To sign up, contact a member of our operations team (052 832 8761 or who will share with you all the information required. 


After receiving the details and understanding the commitment to the programme, you may book a trial.  There are two types of trials; usually towards the end of a term and at the start of a new term we host a trial dedicated session whereby all players wishing to join are invited to.  If a player would like to join mid-way through the term, they are invited to a trial during a training session where there is space. 


Players should come to the trial wearing comfortable workout clothes and suitable footwear, with a water bottle to keep hydrated.

What happens after the trial?

After the trial has taken place and the operation team have received the technical feedback, players will be offered a space on the team according to their ability and where there is space. Spaces on teams are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Parents are required to fulfill all registration procedures before their player attends the first session. 

What do I need to bring to practice?

Players are required to attend practice in their official NBA Basketball School kit and suitable basketball trainers. Players should have enough water with them to last during the training sessions (there are no dispensers to refill water at school during this time).


No jewelry is allowed (if newly pierced ears please cover with medical tape.) Players with long hair should tie it back.


All valuables should be left at home and not taken to practice.  On the occasion that a player does take valuables, these will be the sole responsibility of the players and any loss or damage will be the full responsibility of the player and not be the responsibility of NBA Basketball School, StryxSports or the venue where practice is taking place. 

How are participants separated during practice?

Players are grouped by ability to ensure each individual is playing with others of a similar skill level. The NBA Basketball School caters for all ability players from beginners to elite.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellation policy:


Our fees are nonrefundable, unless for exceptional cases e.g: Leaving country, medical reasons. Refund is subject to management approval.

Is it possible for a parent/guardian to be present during practice?

The NBA School is a highly inclusive environment, we encourage parents to attend.  As long as you are not disruptive or coaching your children from the sideline, you are welcome! 

Will there be a medical team on site?

Our coaches are first aid trained and have a fully equipped first aid box at practice at all times.